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Listen to the Art

The folks at 48 Hour Film Project wanted to see what would happen if they paired up some of their most talented competitors with prominent Bay Area artists.

The result was a collection of clips called ArtShots.

This short perspective on musicians Bev & Greg (Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon) evoked the spririt of their music and brought us a glimpse into their lives together as artists.

ArtShots and the 48 Hour Film Project are designed to inspire talented media artists to show off their skill.

In San Francisco right now, you can see what Bay Area filmmakers have created for the 11th 48 Hour Film Project to be held in the City by the Bay. Premiere screenings for the films in the competition can be seen at the Clay Theater on Fillmore St.

Tickets are available online here.

ArtShots: She Just Gotta Dance

The ArtShots competition was conceived to bring audiences a glimpse of the talent that lives within the community’s vibrant art scene. The bonus showed up when the stories told through the ArtShots clips also brought forth the inspiring stories of artists who would not quit.

Tony Smith delivered this clip about an artist who is made for one thing, and that’s what she does. Dalia Rawson brings dance alive. Take a look.

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ArtShots: An Invitation to Listen

The hope held by the creators of ArtShots was that filmmakers would find inspiration in their arts partners, and that audiences would be inspired by the collaboration between filmmaker and performer.

We have a feeling that audiences will discover that hope having been met by this clip created by Teresa Widdowson and singer/songwriter duo Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon.

What do you think?

Bev & Greg play live in venues across the West Coast and around the country. If you are enchanted, check their calendar for the next show near you.

Audience voting for the ArtShots clips is open until Tues, Apr 3. The results of that voting, and the awards selected by the jurists will be announced during the South First Fridays art walk on Apr 6. Be there if you are able.

ArtShots: Zero1

When ArtShots was first conceived, Zero1 was exactly the sort of arts organization it was designed to highlight.

This network for art and technology serves Silicon Valley, and in a way the entire world through its programs.

This 90-second ArtShots clip from area educator and broadcast professional Cynthia Green highlights Zero1 and gives a glimpse of the work that it does.

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ArtShots: Featuring Amy Obenski

The concept of ArtShots was born from a desire to interconnect the indie filmmaking community with the richness of the Silicon Valley arts community.  The competition pairs one participant from each community and challenges them to make a 90 second micro-documentary that captures the essence of the artist or arts organization.

The finalists from the 2012 event are available online and you can visit the official Audience Choice Award page to vote for your favorite.

Here’s one that was created by award-winning area filmmaker Ryan Wood.

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ArtShots Registration Final Week

One Filmmaker – One Artist – Two weeks – 90 seconds: Inspire us about this artist

ArtShots is a film making competition in which competitors are paired with prominent artists who become their subject matter. The filmmaker is challenged to deliver a 90 second sizzle reel that captures the essence of the artist or arts organization. They have 2 weeks to compile it.

For 2012, ArtShots expands its mandate to include artists and filmmakers from around the Bay Area. Partnerships with arts organizations and communities stretching from Berkeley to Mill Valley to Santa Cruz to Gilroy allow us to expose artists and filmmakers work to a wide geographic audience.

Registration is free for artists, and $40 for filmmaking teams. Deadline to sign up is Friday, Feb 3.

Sign up here: ArtShots Registration (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxQ6-CxtjeY)

Meet your counterpart here: ArtShots Kickoff Gala (http://conta.cc/wKMMag)

ArtShots is sponsored by the Bay Area 48 Hour Film Project, CreatTV San Jose, and by Schoolhouse Earth.