Robot of the Year

It’s likely to be a big year for new robots. The range of shapes and uses is increasing rapidly.

One form of robot is the type that can talk on the phone for you. This one from Jolly Roger Telephone Company is absolutely our favorite!

We love this next one. Some people feel sorry for this guy, but he’s working for a company that scams elderly homeowners. No sympathy here.

And there’s one more we can’t resist sharing. This guy figures out the gag, but he can’t put down the phone. Credit robot with nearly six additional minutes while the agent keeps interacting because he just can’t stop…

He can’t stop! He. Just. Can’t. Stop! He can’t stop, he – can’t…


Pay No Attention…

When you’re interviewing with BBC, AND you want to be known as a thought leader on geopolitics in Asia, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain your composure when toddlers invade.

We might not be unveiling a spoiler when we tell you that we watched this well over a dozen times, and it might have gotten funnier each time.

We’re pretty sure that someone had to exercise great restraint to avoid the urge to say, “Pay no attention to the toddlers behind the pundit!”

Now that he’s gone viral and it appears that at least one member of his family is destined for YouTube stardom, we have to wonder if “somebody” in this video is still grounded for a month!

Sometimes sublime comedy comes from happenstance and life in the moment. And sometimes it comes from a great idea and rapid realization of the idea. THAT’S what happens in the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project — returning to San Jose for it’s 10th time!

Teams will compete by making a movie in two days, and then see the movie screened in downtown San Jose before a packed-house audience. It’s good fun for the contestants, and good entertainment for the audiences at the screening.

Sign up to enter a filmmaking team at the San Jose 48HFP website. Or follow the Facebook page for news about the social events, the screenings and the Awards Gala.


Small Block, Big Lawn

Sometimes we do things because we think it’s a better way. Sometimes we do things because there’s a chance that it will make a difference, or solve a long-standing problem, or improve a condition we see around us.

And sometimes we do something just because of the sound!

There’s just something about that sound that stirs the blood for certain people. We confess to being in that group!

Just as some people can’t resist putting a small block chevy on anything with a fuel tank, other people can’t resist making a movie or video about something on their mind.

The 48 Hour Film Project was made for those people. It’s the oldest and largest time-based filmmaking challenge that invites participants to write, direct, and edit a short film in just two days.

In San Jose, the competition will take place in April this year, and you can start some of your planning now. Registration will begin in a few days. When you complete your movie and turn it in, you’ll see it screened in a theatre before a packed house audience.

Just 207 Words

We haven’t had a lot of chances to watch Louis CK work a crowd, but this seemed like a good time. Nerdwriter1 decided to illustrate the anatomy of both a Louis CK joke, and his masterful delivery.

We thought it wise to watch some of his work before studying this analysis, and were delighted by both experiences.

Now take a look if you will, at the magic that can be rendered with just 207 words.

We’re usually predisposed to let the comedy happen how it will and not dig too deep to see the gears turning. But this time it turned out to be both instructive and hilarious.

Comedy seems to be the most popular mechanism for entertainment among the participants in the 48 Hour Film Project. It’s probably because when people are having fun making a movie, they tend to want to laugh, and that makes them want the audience to laugh, and well…

The San Jose 48 Hour Film Project is going to happen in early Springtime (probably the start of April) and if you have a desire to make an audience laugh, you’ll be able to sign up right around the start of next month. keep an eye on their website or the Facebook page for news as the registration launch grows near.

You Could Look Right Inside

We’ve all probably seen some animation about how an internal combustion engine works. Usually it’s when we don’t care and we just want permission to take the car keys.

But somehow, seeing the real thing happen in slow motion, and right in front of your eyes — it’s a different thing.

We were afraid that this video would be a little bit too long, but we definitely felt that it was worth the time. We probably ran the view count up by a few, watching it over and over.

We’re always drawn to Maker Videos, and we expect to get something like that out of the next San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. It looks like the competition will run in April and the movies will be screened for audiences in late April and May.

Learn more about it and keep up with the latest news by visiting their website, or checking in to their Facebook page.

Cog in a Machine?

We found this mesmerizing little video to be addictive.

Your challenge here (if you choose to accept it,) is to watch this video without looking at the time shuttle. Also, find yourself if you can, in this societal morality play.

Short filmmakers around the world use the opportunity of the 48 Hour Film Project to focus and showcase their talents. The City Winners from over 120 cities worldwide gather for Filmapalooza to screen their work and to meet other filmmakers and the event producers.

This year it happens in Seattle between Mar 1 and 4. You can register to be a part of it at this page.

Tears Don’t Always Hurt

We believe that tears have many uses. (You can use them to lubricate a door hinge if you collect enough. And they also make a great salad dressing, if you mix them with whiskey and remorse.)

We challenge you to watch this clip to the end, and if you don’t experience tears, we’ll send you an AED to get your heart started again.

We won’t ask you if your tears were from hysteria or from the sadness of genius lost.

One cool thing though, his playmate is still running around loose. So keep your eyes peeled because we need this kind of laughter badly these days. (And meanwhile, we’re watching the last minute of that again, and now the tears are sadness.)

Filmmakers who participate in the 48 Hour Film Project often trend toward comedy because it easily wins the hearts of  audiences. We just learned this weekend that the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project will return in April and will present awards to the winners in May.

Stay tuned here for more intel on this amazing time-based filmmaking challenge, or get over to their Facebook page and learn how you can get involved.

Trust us, this is worth your 4 minutes