Epic Smash-Up

There’s probably something coming out this holiday season that will get you back into the theaters at least once. For us, it was “The Last Jedi” but there may be at least one or two others that will get us spilling popcorn into our laps.

Since there will be a lot of Star Wars talk in the coming weeks, we couldn’t resist showing you this maker clip that celebrates the awesome bigness of the Super Star Destroyer.

The pure joy in the filmmaker’s reaction is worth the price of the ticket.

Fun With Pumpkins

It is that season when our thoughts turn to the possibilities of what you can do with pumpkins. We love pies, casseroles, jack-o-lanterns, and even sometimes a bit of flavor in our drinks.

But we never quite imagined all these things you can do.

This took several years and an incredible number of pumpkins. We’re awed at the commitment it required.

Trust us, this is worth your 4 minutes