Ohhhhh, I’m sooooooo scared!

One of the trickiest genres to draw in the 48 Hour Film Project is horror.  It’s easy to get many of the devices of horror right, but to make a watchable and interesting film created in just a weekend is quite a feat.  And of course the audience has see it all, so how could you possibly get it all put together with your non-existent budget, your non-existent schedule, and without having planned for making a horror film in advance (since you don’t know that this will be your genre)?

Well, this team from Minneapolis got all the details right, and we were amazed. So, apparently were the judges because this became the City Winner in a town where nearly 100 teams competed! We hope you enjoy The Grave Review.

We never did think that much of critics anyway.

The team that created this (from Token Media) shows some of its other content at: http://www.token.com/

Take a look and see what you think.


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