It is Really French?

When competitors in the 48 Hour Film Project assemble on the Friday night of their weekend, the excitement centers around their selection of a genre. They draw from a hat that has genres from a list known to them in advance.  One of the possible choices that most teams fear is “Foreign Film.” The team that made this movie had no such fear — in fact, they hoped for this.

They are a group of talented students from International High School in San Francisco. Because they study multiple languages and cultures (in fact, their teachers are from a variety of cultures,) they were easily able to speak French in this film. But do they really know what they’re saying?  Who cares?!

We don’t think their French teachers gave them high marks for this film, but we sure did.

This year, they’ll be competing in the San Francisco event independently of their school, now that they’ve graduated. You can see what they produced on July 1st, 2010 at the screenings for Group E. Join them and the other competitors at the Lumiere Theater for a rocking evening of good fun.


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