Serving the Package

We always wondered what it’s like in Dick Wolf’s offices, the hallowed halls of Law and Order.  As the legacy comes to an end, we just weren’t expecting this painful personnel conversation, although it had to be inevitable.  We’re glad to have a chance to show it to you here.

That’s quite a talented family, isn’t it?

A Jury Favorite

This post-apocalyptic fable entranced jurists during the 2009 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. In a field that is usually dominate by comedies, mockumentaries, and zombie flicks, this existential struggle stood out in the judges minds. It took home awards for Score and Cinematography.  Take a look and see what you feel when you see it.

We were sure that it created a world in which we didn’t want to live.

ArtShots Screening and Awards Ceremony

Here’s a show you won’t want to miss.

One part filmmaker, one part artist, every bit inspiring

Heroic area filmmakers, prominent Silicon Valley artists and musicians! Arts community movers and shakers. They’re all coming out just to show off for you!

So find May 24th on your calendar. Circle it. Line up a babysitter. Tell your boss you’re going to leave the office early.

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Louise Gets an Accent

If you haven’t yet been introduced to The Louise Logs, we recommend checking out a couple of the earlier chapters in her saga. We’ve presented at least one episode here before, and we can recommend watching the series from this episode forward.

This recently released chapter presents the developments we had to suspect were on the way. Louise has been growing toward something, and it seems that she’s starting to find it.

Now we have to wait anxiously to see where this leads her.

Shovel Ready

All sorts of things can happen that keep us from being home for dinner on time. We just wonder if this 2010 entry in the Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project depicts the sort of thing that might happen to you. Certainly the story reminds us of some things we might do to be better prepared.

Who knew that there might be career opportunities in this sort of thing.

A Duel for Love

We love romance and we love action films. This short film featuring Randall Park combines both. Or neither, or fails to combine either. We don’t know, but we laughed hysterically when we saw this, then we made all our friends watch it right away, and now we hope that you like it.

We don’t even know any of these guys. But maybe we love them.