Who Should Pay The Settlement

The folks from Tohubohu Productions submitted this film as their entry to the DC 48 Hour Film Project for 2010. They report that they’d never done a horror film in the past and we think they did a very nice job with this one.

Because of SAG restrictions, the video could not be placed on YouTube (according to the filmmaking team) so you can see it instead streamed directly from their website.

We say this is an excellent demonstration of what can be done when you use trained and established actors. It’s not necessary to do so when you make a 48 Hour Film, but it sure does help.


2 thoughts on “Who Should Pay The Settlement”

  1. Yeah, unfortunately the SAG internet waiver (at least the one we’ve got for the DC 48HFP) only allows for hosting on a personal website, and specifically disallows hosting on third-party video sites without a separate agreement with SAG (which is certainly a possibility in the future — I just haven’t had time to sit down and talk with them). One of the downsides to working with professional actors, perhaps — it’s tougher to publicize the film — but I do love both the performances and the atmosphere they bring to the whole proceeding.

    That said, of course, you certainly don’t *have* to go this route — my first 48 Hour films were just cast with friends, and I’m still very happy with them. But as I’ve done more of these (this is our eighth entry in the competition, not counting last year’s International Shootout), I’ve gotten in contact with a lot of local filmmakers and other talent, which has just broadened the possibilities.

    I love watching everything from the more polished films to the shorts put together with just a few friends and a home video camera — after all, it’s the story and what you do with it that really matter. Some of the most entertaining films have been done by amateurs (creative amateurs).

    1. …some very wise perspective here.

      Your film seems to benefit from having professional actors. The story is well delivered in part because of your cast’s ability to convey emotion without jarring the audience “awake” from the world that it creates.

      I expect SAG to become a little more humble as the next few years unfold and as the interests of its constituency are best served by allowing independent media producers to promote them on the social media platform. The industry is changing and some of the old practices are going to unravel. At the bottom, the principle that SAG should be defending is that no one should cast professionals in a film and then make money from it without sharing the money with the actors. Clearly you’re not going to make any money with YouTube, even if you engage with the new pay model and generate 5000 views (which is a reasonable level for a 48 Hour Fim).

      Congrats on making a great film – it’s clear that you guys have been around the block a few times and that you rooted your efforts in a sound principle — story rules!

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