Okay, NOW Bring On The French

…earlier last month we posted this article about a film made by SF students for the 2009 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. What we failed to account for is that the film was being screened in the San Francisco International Film Festival and had been withdrawn from online distribution until after its festival debut.

The students who made the film were ecstatic (as were we) about the selection by SFIFF and of course complied with the festival’s request that the film be withdrawn until after it had been screened.

Apparently the screenings were a success because yet another festival has asked the team to provide the film for screening and we believe it’s a sign of the programmers’ good taste.

Meanwhile, the film is back online, and you can see it now (use the link at the beginning of the article to find your way there. And here, for your enjoyment (after you’ve seen the film) is their blooper reel.

I don’t know if you can tell, but we’re pretty certain that they had a lot of fun!


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