ArtShots Winner lands again (and again, and…)

This entry in Silicon Valley ArtShots came from the creative people at It Donned On Me,  competitive filmmaking team that can usually be seen creating a top entry in film competitions where ever they appear in the Bay Area.  Starting several years ago with an entry in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project, the team has amassed awards from competition in numerous 48HFP events in SF and San Jose, timed competitions with a worldwide scope, documentary competitions, and this summer they are participating in four competitions between June 9 and Aug 15.

This clip won them the Artists Champion award in ArtShots and fostered a number of other creative endeavors in its wake.

During the exhibition of this clip at the Awards Show, the band Tin Cat, was asked to appear at a benefit show for Doctors Without Borders. The filmmaking team was inspired by the artists sufficiently to also produce a full-length video version of the song. And it is highly likely that the music of Tin Cat will appear in future productions from It Donned On Me.  We just have a hunch.

Here’s the whole song:

We’re looking forward to the band’s next show — and the filmmakers’ next movie.


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