Western Air

The results are in.  Teams that successfully completed films for the San Francisco 2010 48HFP have turned in their materials.  We received 66 films altogether and some of the teams were quite pleased with themselves.

In just a few days, we’ll begin the theatrical exhibition of the qualifying films.  Screenings begin on June 23rd at the Lumiere Theater on California St. in San Francisco.

We promised to post a film each day of the SF event from a previous year’s competition. Today’s featured film won best Sound Design and Best Costumes in 2009. The team drew “Western” as their genre and head to figure out how to comply with that when their scheduled location was an aviation museum. This is what they came up with.

Maurice Molyneaux and Fogbelt 2880 competed again in 2010, but suffered an 11th hour (for us, that means the 47th hour) technical glitch that prevented them from submitting their film.  Tough luck guys, but it could happen to anyone. (And often does, you’ll be surprised at some of the other teams that didn’t make it to the finish line on time.)

However, those films and the ones that did finish on time will begin screening on Wednesday, Jun 23. You can get tickets here.


2 thoughts on “Western Air”

  1. Yeah, we got creamed by a hard disc problem that wasn’t obviously that for a while. We’d pre-tested everything in the editing pipeline, and even had a backup editing platform, but by the time we diagnosed the problem, it was too late to shift to the other system and finish. But that’s the way it goes!

  2. …yes sir, I believe that’s true. You guys were not the only veteran team to encounter difficulty. One team had to submit a late replacement for their film due to sound problems they discovered after turn-in. Another group of veterans withdrew their film altogether when they saw that it turned out confusing and plagued by sound problems.

    That’s what makes it a sport I guess. Sometimes the clock wins.

    Hope we’ll see you in San Jose then.

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