Oh, Those Swedish!

Reaching far back into the archives of the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project, we find this entry from South Bay filmmakers at Beyond Forever Studios.

While many teams fear the dreaded “Musical or Western” genre during the random drawing at the kickoff of the competition, this team seemed to embrace the challenge. During the 2006 season in San Francisco, the required prop was a pillow. We love the ingenuity with which these competitors found a way to put a pillow into the story when their entire film was shot in a single location in the woods.

One of the directors of this film (Christian Pizzirani) was the winning filmmaker in the 2010 Silicon Valley ArtShots competition. The other director (Jason Salazar) won the 2008 Community Player Award  in the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project.

You can see how other teams handled the challenge of the Musical or Western genre if you come out for the last three nights of screenings for the San Francisco 2009 event. Screenings are June 29, 30, and July 1 at the Lumiere Theater. You can get tickets online or at the box office.

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