Fable with Bunny and Bear

Today’s featured 48HFP film was entered in the SF 2008 competition. The team (Fogbelt 2880) was among several who entered this year again.

We especially enjoyed the very clever script and the multi-layered implications of this fable for our time.

Other teams to repeat their appearance this year included “EyeQ Films,” “Barkada Inc.,” “Barewitness Films,” and “RadioActive Studios.”

Be at the Lumiere Theater on Thursday to see what they came up with this year. Tickets are available online or at the box office.

Western Air

The results are in.  Teams that successfully completed films for the San Francisco 2010 48HFP have turned in their materials.  We received 66 films altogether and some of the teams were quite pleased with themselves.

In just a few days, we’ll begin the theatrical exhibition of the qualifying films.  Screenings begin on June 23rd at the Lumiere Theater on California St. in San Francisco.

We promised to post a film each day of the SF event from a previous year’s competition. Today’s featured film won best Sound Design and Best Costumes in 2009. The team drew “Western” as their genre and head to figure out how to comply with that when their scheduled location was an aviation museum. This is what they came up with.

Maurice Molyneaux and Fogbelt 2880 competed again in 2010, but suffered an 11th hour (for us, that means the 47th hour) technical glitch that prevented them from submitting their film.  Tough luck guys, but it could happen to anyone. (And often does, you’ll be surprised at some of the other teams that didn’t make it to the finish line on time.)

However, those films and the ones that did finish on time will begin screening on Wednesday, Jun 23. You can get tickets here.

Dream Job

This entry from the 2009 48 Hour Film Project in San Francisco brought home the Best Acting award for its star.  The team that created it (It Donned On Me) will turn in their 2010 entry tonight along with the others from among the 72 registered teams that accepted the challenge of completing a movie in the weekend.

This week, we’ll feature films created for San Francisco during the 7 years that the 48HFP has been in the city.  Best of luck to the contestants who are putting the finishing touches on the 2010 entries right now. We can’t wait to see what they produce.

You can find out for yourself by attending the screenings at the Lumiere Theater on California St. Screenings run from June 23 through July 1. Tickets are available for sale online or at the box office. It Donned On Me is competing in Screening Group E which will show on July 1.

Where did the dreams go?

This entry in the 2009 New Hampshire 48 Hour Film Project is proof that people SHOULD make movies in 48 hours. Filmmakers who participate in this challenge tell us the the deadline and the required elements help then to focus their efforts and sometimes exceed their ordinary capabilities. Isn’t that what dreams are about?

The team that made this, the Purple Finch Moving Picture Society has been a repeat participant in the New Hampshire 48 Hour Film Project. They were featured this year (2010) in The Union Leader, a regional paper for their new film “Clark Fails Fourth Grade.”  Clark’s parents have never been prouder.

Personalized Service

We’ve heard about the concept of “mass customization.” That is the creation of products that are tuned specifically to your needs.  But we thought the concept was that YOU would choose the features and custom details of the product.  Now we know the truth.

Thanks to the folks at UCBcomedy (http://www.youtube.com/user/UCBComedy) for this and the other gems they deliver online to us.

C’mon! We KNOW you watch their YouTube channel every day at this time!

Pretty Face, Pretty Film

We were very impressed with the production design and the cinematography in this 2010 Washington DC entry in the 48 Hour Film Project.  We already knew to never trust a pretty face, and this team put a bunch of them all in one place.  The look of this is polished and compelling and they did make good use of the required character (Marco, someone who work with animals.)

A peek at their reel (also on YouTube) gave us a glimpse into the polish this production company delivers to all its jobs.

ArtShots Winner lands again (and again, and…)

This entry in Silicon Valley ArtShots came from the creative people at It Donned On Me,  competitive filmmaking team that can usually be seen creating a top entry in film competitions where ever they appear in the Bay Area.  Starting several years ago with an entry in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project, the team has amassed awards from competition in numerous 48HFP events in SF and San Jose, timed competitions with a worldwide scope, documentary competitions, and this summer they are participating in four competitions between June 9 and Aug 15.

This clip won them the Artists Champion award in ArtShots and fostered a number of other creative endeavors in its wake.

During the exhibition of this clip at the Awards Show, the band Tin Cat, was asked to appear at a benefit show for Doctors Without Borders. The filmmaking team was inspired by the artists sufficiently to also produce a full-length video version of the song. And it is highly likely that the music of Tin Cat will appear in future productions from It Donned On Me.  We just have a hunch.

Here’s the whole song:

We’re looking forward to the band’s next show — and the filmmakers’ next movie.