Nightly Heist

This film from Barkada Inc. and Square Marden was their entry in the 2010 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project.

It won Audience Choice for its screening group and was also acknowledged for its fresh approach to the selected genre (Heist Movie).  Take a look and see if you enjoy Thief In The Night as much as SF audiences did.


We’re thinking that maybe a cocoon sleeping bag might solve the problem — but no guarantees!

Help for Everyone

In the modern age of consultants and coaches for everything, it’s very likely that an alley in your neighborhood could contain a vignette like the one depicted in this next movie.

Team 938 put together this entry for the 2010 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project. They opted for simplicity and solid production values. This was an approach that worked.  The audience was charmed, and the jurists had nice things to say about the acting and the story.

This film achieved nominations in both the Best Actor and Best Actress category.

Justice Resonant

The creators of this 2010 entry in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project landed on two magical ingredients for their movie. The first was a classic form of horror from across cultural traditions: the Ghost Story.  The other was the deep need in all of us to encounter justice.

There certainly was a great deal of justice when the audience applauded at the end of this story. The story of Okiku.

We believe this is one that we may watch again and again as we show it to our friends.

Wishes Do Come True

Then look out!

This entry by Team Rocket in the SF 48 Hour Film Project for 2010 had audiences rolling in the aisles. Cat lovers and movie lovers alike responded to this with applause and votes.

I think we all anthropomorphize our beloved pets, but this woman just took it a little too far.

This film took home the Audience Choice Award for its screening group as well as a Best Actress Award for Pearl Marrill (Gigi Cook, the Psychic Love Consultant)! Congrats to the folks at Team Rocket for a great year and a delicious short film!