The Curtain Goes Down

The screenings from the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project for 2010 are now complete.

Today’s feature concludes our daily selection of a 48 Hour Film related to the SF competition. After this, we’ll return to a more measured pace, roughly one per week until the San Jose competition begins.

We thought this would be an appropriate time to present you with the film that was selected City Winner for the San Francisco 2009 event. The team that created this (Transvideo Studios) entered the competition for the first time in 2009. They report having learned a lot about the 48HFP process and encountering a number of unexpected adventures along the way.  That, of course, IS how we reel.

Although the 2010 screenings are complete for San Francisco, there excitement is not over.  Audience Choice winners will be announced at the “Music for Filmmakers” event on July 8.  The judges selections for City Winner and other awards will be announced at the Highlights and Awards show on July 18. Watch the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project web page for details.


2 thoughts on “The Curtain Goes Down”

    1. …thanks Ben. A lot of filmmakers are posting both to Vimeo and YouTube. I say that’s a good idea.

      Vimeo gives a little more precise control and a pure presentation of your asset. YouTube is where the people are, and it’s the best platform for having your movie found by people serendipitously.

      Hey, where’s the movie you guys did for the Shootout? We thought you’d be able to release that online by now.


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