The Chief Suspects

The results are in! (Okay, at least some of them are.)

Audience Choice ballots from the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project have been counted and we have our “chief suspects.”  At the screenings for the San Francisco event (we had five nights of that), audience members were invited to vote for their three favorite movies each night.  The ballots have been counted and we can say who finished at the top of the heap.

These are the finalists in the polling, and you’ll have to be satisfied with knowing the three top finishers in each Screening Group until we announce the winners at the Highlights Night and Awards Ceremony on July 18th.  Here they are in alphabetical order:

Screening Group AAlbatross, Beaten Path, Nexus

Screening Group B – 3 Sisters, Something to Die For, Thief in the Night

Screening Group COkiku, One of Two, The Yesterage

Screening Group D – Antique Plates and You, Leftovers, Untied

Screening Group E – How To Fly A Kite – Ladycat – The Vault

If we find any of them presented online, we’ll link to them in this article.  If you know of any, pony up with the URL in a comment.


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