Does Your Mother Know?

It’s tough finding connections with friends you can trust when you’re a teen.  The folks at Outlaw Media Productions know this and illustrate it very well with their midsummer short film, Zombie Prom Date.

These veteran competitive filmmakers created 5 short films in Bay Area competitions this summer (that we know about) and we thoroughly enjoyed this one.

This film received awards for best acting and best screenplay in the competition for which it was created.

To see their latest film (Jack) when it is released, stay tuned here.

Marriage is between a man and — well…

Last year a team of talented high school students from International High School in San Francisco delighted audiences with their comedic entry in the 48 Hour Film Project: Une Soiree de Passion.  They went home with an Audience Choice Award as well as a number of accolades from 48HFP Jurists and Producers.  Their film went on to get festival placement at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Now they’ve hit the ball out of the park again with their newest film: Love Technically.  We hope you’ll enjoy this as much as the audience seemed to do at the premiere screening.

You can learn what the audience and jurists thought of the film when we release the results at the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project Awards and Highlights Night. Details are on the website.

Somebody save Mrs. Pickles!

Regular award-winners from the 48 Hour Film Project, It Donned On Me made this short film for another time-based filmmaking competition. They brought home an Audience Choice Award as well as an award for Best Sound.  We love the bravado with which they made this adventure film and we look forward to their next creation.

We can’t wait to see the sequel to this. It seems like that would be a cross between Meet the Fockers and The Sopranos.

If you’d like to meet these talented filmmakers and ask them about a sequel yourself, we expect them to make an appearance at the San Jose 48HFP Highlights show on Sept 19th.  Watch this site for more details.

A Taste of 48: SF 2010

These clips from various films submitted to the 48 Hour Film Project are covered by the track “Fairweather Friend” from The Beautiful Losers.  If you’re curious about the films that went into the making of this, we’ve listed them below. Some of them have been featured here at See It Online already. Some will appear in the future.


Fairweather Friend
written and performed by The Beautiful Losers


The Sound of the World – The Whittlers
Antique Plates and You – Over the Top Film Collective
Code Red 3: The Key – Original Sinema
Flatline – Imaginations: Gone Wrong
Cracked – Taza Films
Red Road – Not My Day Job Productions
Untied – ZoRo Films
The Chummers – production line/norcal red
Cream: A Love Story – 2 Lefthanded Idiots
Ladycat – Team Rocket
Nothing Stops the Railroad – Dollar Short Productions
Snatching Feargus – The Whalen Bros.

Somebody Knows the Secret

In this short, and very well written short film, a down-on-his-luck Irish man faces interrogation at the hands of a rather seedy band of thugs. What secrets do they think he knows? What is really at stake here? You’ll find out in just under seven minutes if you take a look at “Snatching Feargus.”


This film won a Best Acting award for Shane Fahy (in the role of Feargus) and a Best Makeup award (Anna Newman) in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project for 2010. Congratulations Whalen Brothers for an award-winning effort!

What Sort of Vermin?

When competing teams draw their genre randomly at the beginning of the 48 Hour Film Project, some of them hate to get Science Fiction, and some of them dream of it.

Maybe you saw our previous article about Team Stroganoff (led by Jacob Rangel and Jason Burton) who took on that challenge and brought in an award winner in their first attempt to compete in this Iron Man challenge for filmmakers. They produced Ratón and took home the City Winner trophy for San Jose 2009.

We also enjoyed this clip they did for the 23rd annual DeAnza Film Show. We think you’ll like it too.

You can see what Jacob Rangel’s team did this year if you stay tuned here. We’re sure they’ll be releasing it within the next few days and we’ll have the news here first.

You can see all of the Audience Choice winners from 2010 and the Judges Selections for excellence at our Highlights and Awards show on Sept 19th. Our city web page will have all of the details.

Something Lost is Found

Rising star filmmakers at Thinking Stone Productions brought this film to the 2009 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. After bagging an Audience Choice Award, they subsequently took it to LA for the Asian Pacific Film Festival where it won more hearts from among a welcoming audience.

If you haven’t seen this charmer, this is your chance to meet Dave and Liz.

If you get busy, you may still be able to get tickets to the premiere tonight of their 2010 entry for the San Jose competition. If you miss this chance, we have a feeling that you’ll be seeing more from them in the future. They seem to really have the chops.

Check our city web page to get showtimes and ticket information for the screenings tonight, and keep in touch to learn the details of the Audience Choice Award announcements and the much coveted Best of City awards on Sept 19th.