A Taste of 48: SF 2010

These clips from various films submitted to the 48 Hour Film Project are covered by the track “Fairweather Friend” from The Beautiful Losers.  If you’re curious about the films that went into the making of this, we’ve listed them below. Some of them have been featured here at See It Online already. Some will appear in the future.


Fairweather Friend
written and performed by The Beautiful Losers


The Sound of the World – The Whittlers
Antique Plates and You – Over the Top Film Collective
Code Red 3: The Key – Original Sinema
Flatline – Imaginations: Gone Wrong
Cracked – Taza Films
Red Road – Not My Day Job Productions
Untied – ZoRo Films
The Chummers – production line/norcal red
Cream: A Love Story – 2 Lefthanded Idiots
Ladycat – Team Rocket
Nothing Stops the Railroad – Dollar Short Productions
Snatching Feargus – The Whalen Bros.

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