Learning from TED

For the most part here at See It Online, we’ve favored the short works, and those that primarily deliver entertainment. (We like being entertained, don’t you know…)

But one of the richest emerging veins of emerging online content is that of educational matter once reserved for university students, and attendees at top level industry conferences. From among those, the one stream that stands out head-and-shoulders, is the series of talks given at various TED conferences.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll point you to a number of TED lectures online that are definitely worth watching.  Since these tend to be longer than a typical online clip (these tend to be around 20 minutes in length), you may want to view them when you know you’ll have some uninterrupted time. (Maybe it’s when the boss heads off for a weekly meeting — or just after the kids have gone to bed…you get the idea.)

Take a look now at this delightful romp through statistics about the world with Hans Rosling. Your view of the world may be slightly changed when you hear what he has to say.

If the number of times that you said (or thought), “I didn’t know that!” is less than six, you either weren’t paying attention or you already have an amazingly well-founded world view.

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