San Jose 48HFP Audience Awards Nominees!

Audiences for the 2010 48 Hour Film Project in San Jose submitted ballots during the screenings and results are finally in.

These are the films that came out on top at the ballot box this year. (They are presented in alphabetical order.)

  • Group A:
    • Beeswax
    • Deported
    • Elf & Fairy
  • Group B:
    • Come Back to Me
    • Jefferson Banks
    • loveHarmony
  • Group C:
    • Love Technically
    • The Price
    • Spindrift

You can find out who wins the top honor in each category as well as see most of these films on Sunday night, Sept 19th at the San Jose Theatre on San Pedro Square.  Here are the details:

San Jose 48HFP Awards Show
Sunday Sept 19, 5-8pm
Theatre on San Pedro Square
Tickets: $10 online (


4 thoughts on “San Jose 48HFP Audience Awards Nominees!”

  1. …come on y’all!

    This is your chance to pat yourselves on the back, congratulate the nominees, or spit venom at your competitors.

    Feel free to bang it up in here and make as much noise as you like. And keep tuned in for jurists nominees as well as more archival clips from the history of San Jose 48HFP.


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