Don’t Go in the Basement

We are consistently impressed with the work that comes from Ovation Pictures’ Christian Pizzirani and Jason Salazar. This latest addition to what is rapidly becoming a “body of work,” was their contribution to the horror genre.

C’mon dude! When the man says, “don’t go in the basement,” what are you gonna do?

Even shouting at her on the YouTube screen didn’t help. One little wine spill and she’s beelining for the downstairs door.

We always wondered what it looks like in Jefferson Banks’ house!

How It Really Is

We’ve read Dante, but we never really saw it quite this well.

If you’ll take about five minutes right now you can get a peek at what it’s really like in hell.

We recommend watching the first couple of minutes of this, and then set the time index to 5:20 and enjoy the conclusion.

Then, if you can’t resist, you’ll be glad to learn that this is the first of an 8 part series on YouTube. Enjoy the rest if you dare. Skip it if you fear not the torment of your everlasting soul.

Listen To the Man!

…we usually focus here on content that you’ll find online rather than things you’d see in the movie theater.

However, one of the richest veins of online content today is video designed to teach you something. In the past, we’ve pointed at a couple of the finest TED lectures, and this time we want to share one of the most inspiring lectures that an emerging filmmaker can encounter.

Robert Rodriguez’ wonderful Ten Minute Fim School is thrilling, and consistent with his style, the video has a gritty feel.

We strongly recommend his book (Rebel Without a Crew) as solid followup to this video.  But he already told you what you need to know. Get out there and make a movie.  That’s what a filmmaker does.

If you enjoyed this, then a YouTube playlist with other clips from Rodriguez’ series can be seen here.