Just the Way You Like It

The veteran hands at It Donned On Me have delighted audiences over and over with their competitive entries in timed film contests. This gem was created in 3 days with the assignment being Hitchcock style horror. We think they nailed it.

Oh, but one thing was missing. Where was the cameo?

Virtually Thrilling

We went looking for some examples of Machinima music videos. We never expected to find this gem.

The musician, Hazideon Zarco, has been playing in Second Life for a long time. We found the music to be engaging, and we really like the work of machinimatographer, Flimsey Freenote. This was good stuff and we hope to hear more.

A Kick in the ‘alls

Sometimes we spend our time worrying about things that don’t matter to others at all. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough to have friends like those of Andy in this story, you can find your way to a Hollywood Ending.

Take a few moments now and enjoy Andy’s story about victory over the debilitating condition, SSAS.

The film was nominated for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actor. It took home the award for Best Writing and Audience Choice. Congrats to the Whalen Brothers for a second great entry this year.

Inward Journey

We’ve been looking for work by promising Machinima artists lately.  This piece by Iono Allen caught our eye and it may catch yours too. We recommend clicking through to watch it on the native YouTube page, and be sure to run the resolution up to maximum if your network connection will support it.

Look for machinima work to continue to become even more evocative and more amazing. Artists like Iono Allen are part of the reason we know this will happen.


Most of the time online, we’re looking for something new, something fresh, something that’s going to be The Next Big Thing.

It’s refreshing then, to encounter online content that takes us back.

If you have a few minutes right now, we think that “your sides will ache, your heart will go pit-a-pat!”

Heroes come in all sizes.