Need a Direction?

Perhaps you know where you’re going. Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you think you know and have something to learn. The protagonist in this stylized tale may or may not be clear about that, but there’s one thing he knows for sure. Enjoy this award-winning entry from the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project, and findContinue reading “Need a Direction?”

Tastes Like The Real Thing

Can one meal change your life forever? Take a look at this winning entry in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project from 2010 and see for yourself. Judges and audiences alike responded with enthusiasm to this tale of creativity and survival. [vimeo] The creators of this film will premiere their latest — an entryContinue reading “Tastes Like The Real Thing”

Hero With a Past

How does a former world travelling adventurer spend his middle aged years? Jefferson Banks seems not to believe that cold calling with insurance deals is the right path. So what will he do when his wife is kidnapped by the son of his arch-nemesis? Take a look at this entry in the San Jose 48Continue reading “Hero With a Past”