Whatever happened to…

Seems like Orlando has some hot filmmaking talent. The City Winner from 2010 is headed for the Short Film Corner at Cannes. Last year’s top winner in the International Shootout came from nearby St. Petersburg.

This film was voted Audience Choice favorite for its screening group, and we can see why.

Tell the truth. You really wanted to know what had happened to these folks.

They Upload

We love to see the work of repeat 48HFP top performers. Jason Salazar has been behind several award-winning efforts in both San Jose and San Francisco. This web series is from his latest work.

WARNING: This video is not “workplace-safe.” So unless your boss is on vacation and your most annoying co-workers are home sick, perhaps it would be best to view this at home or with headphones.

By the way, those annoying co-workers — they’ll be featured in a future episode.

Check the Notes!

This film was created by the Smith Brothers for the 48 Go Green Challenge. Like many of the films submitted to this time-based filmmaking competition, there’s an excellent story behind the making of the movie.

Take a look at the story of this character and see if you can find a cautionary tale for any activist willing to stand behind (or bound to) his cause.

We would suggest reading the assignment very carefully, and maybe checking Google Maps before starting out.

Oh, and a spare battery is a great idea too!

Why Go Green?

Some embrace environmental practices out of concern for the planet. Some do it because it satisfies their sense of stewardship. Some exhibit “green” behaviors because they hope to leave something intact for future generations.

Some folks know that the best reason of all to adopt environmental responsibility has one ultimate goal — to get chicks!

Whatever reason works for you, it’s probably a good thing. And it will certainly work out better for you than for the young man in this new 48 Hour Film Project film from It Donned On Me.

We really think he should try again — maybe with better advice from different friends.

48 Hour Film Project Awards

Over the past year, we’ve shared glimpses of the 48 Hour Film Project with you here by showing you top films submitted to the worldwide filmmaking competition. This weekend, participants in the year-end celebration and awards event (Filmapalooza) will learn who gets to take home the coveted top prize.

Each if these teams (and roughly 1000 others in over 80 cities around the world) were given a prop, character, a line of dialog, and a randomly selected genre.  Then in the space of one weekend, they went out to create a short film, roughly 7 minutes in length.

City winners from San Francisco (Albatross) and San Jose (Love Technically) will be screened along with the 80+ other city winning films.

Watch the #48hfp tag on Twitter over the next couple of days to tap into the buzz on this amazing event.

Because they can!

We think you may have heard this, but Bay Area filmmaking favorites, Square Marden qualified for the final round in the 48 Go Green competition.  That means their film will screen at NAB and they will have a shot at the Cannes Short Film Corner. A lot of folks in the Bay Area independent film community have been rooting for these guys (as Barkada Inc) since they gave us A Keesh for Hershel, and Saving the Past from the Future.

This new short film made us laugh again — they’ve done it to us MANY times now.

These guys do know the ways of love!

Roommate! Can’t live with them…

…and it’s not nice to destroy them in a planetary cataclysm.

Over 300 short films were created for the 48 Go Green competition, and this one from Ovation Pictures brought home the Audience Choice Award in San Francisco.

Can the human race and the planet actually agree about who should take out the trash?

We’re told that a sequel is in the works — the audience demands to know what happens when Mother Nature arrives and gets a glimpse of the mess.