48 Hour Film Project San Francisco

For the ninth big year in San Francisco, the 48 Hour Film Project season is underway and we expect this summer to be bigger than ever before. We invite you to keep abreast of the buzz as independent filmmakers in the Bay Area gear up to participate in the world’s oldest and largest time based filmmaking competition.

Here are some things we want you to know about right away.

  • Registration Now Open
  • Mixer Events – Save the Date (May 18)
  • Screening Dates and Theater
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Life and The Streets

One thing we love about 48 Hour Film Project films is that they often capture the look and tone of the cities where they are created.

We found that this entry from the Tampa/St. Petersburg competition took us back to the seamier side of Ybor City. (Not that we’ve actually been there ourselves, just that we’ve seen it in the movies. For real!)

We also think that they did a great job of showing off what can be done with a Canon Rebel and available light.

Beneath the Surface

We mostly focus on short film here, but occasionally we are compelled to share work from a different genre. The independent filmmakers who created this music video demonstrate that they are quite serious about their craft.

The look and feel of San Francisco are on full display here in this tasty music video. Hopefully it will invite you to look at your own world with a new eye today.

What lies beneath the cover of the person sitting near you?