48 Hour Film Project San Francisco

For the ninth big year in San Francisco, the 48 Hour Film Project season is underway and we expect this summer to be bigger than ever before. We invite you to keep abreast of the buzz as independent filmmakers in the Bay Area gear up to participate in the world’s oldest and largest time based filmmaking competition.

Here are some things we want you to know about right away.

  • Registration Now Open
  • Mixer Events – Save the Date (May 18)
  • Screening Dates and Theater
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Registration Now Open – Several teams have already put their hats in the ring, and many others have let us know that they intend to make it official in the next few days. There’s still time to get the Early Bird registration rate, and of course there are a limited number of slots available, so don’t waste any time. Here are the registration deadlines:

Early Bird Registration ($!40) – thru May 16
Regular Registration ($160) – thru May 31
Late Registration ($175) – after May 31

One bit of “insider advice” we can share with you, courtesy of the veteran 48 Hour Film competitors on our event team, is that as soon as you declare yourself officially, new team members seem to pop up everywhere. The difference between “we’re thinking about doing this” and “we WILL be doing this” is enormous.

So get to our city web page and choose Register for San Francisco now.

Mixer Events: Save the Date (May 18) – Our first mixer with RAW: San Francisco was a big success. Not only did a crowded gathering of San Francisco artists and performers get to see some of your films from the 2010 competition, but the teams that attended got to meet promising potential allies for the coming season. One “trick” used by many successful filmmaking teams worldwide is to take advantage of the texture that local artists and musicians can bring to your competition film. We were impressed with the caliber of the music and art that was on display at the RAW event. Just a few of our snapshots can be seen here, and we expect more to emerge in the days to come.

Meanwhile, the next event on the calendar is scheduled for May 18 and in addition to our traditional Meet & Greet format, we’ll wrap up the evening with a performance by local rising stars, The Beautiful Losers. Circle the date on your calendar now and plan to be there to bulk up your team.

Screening Dates and Theater – We’re proud to announce that we’ll be screening in the historic Lumiere Theater again this season. The folks from Landmark Cinemas who operate the Lumiere have been great to us in the past and this year, they tell us that your films will be shown with brand new equipment that is certain to bring your stories vividly to the big screen.

Screening dates will run from June 16 through June 23rd.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter – Can you name three advantages to following us on Facebook or Twitter? Here are just three from among many:

  • Keep up with the buzz from the competition season, not only from us, but also from one another as you post about your progress.
  • Be among the first to learn about promotions and giveaways that could bag you free passes or prizes from our sponsors.
  • Get more attention for your team and its work by posting your own updates in front of a savvy Bay Area audience.
  • When you post updates to our Facebook page, your messaging is seen not only by your friends and followers, but those of a widespread community formed by the teams that are competing and those who have in the past.

Be sure to use the #48hfp hashtag when you post to Twitter, there is a worldwide audience for updates that carry this well established tag.

One of your best tools for attracting top talent for your team, and sponsors for your own efforts, is that of leveraging the attention that your participation in this competition can bring. So post often (and intelligently), and keep an eye out for what your colleagues have to say in the conversation.

We look forward to seeing your names on the competition roster, and to meeting you at the mixers and the screenings.

48 Hour Film Project Team: San Francisco
Vincent Lowe – City Producer / Kristen Ronberg – Operations Director
Website: http://48hourfilm.com/sanfrancisco
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sf48hfp

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