Help a Slacker Out

…the folks at the Austin Film Society are scheming up a special event that is sure to delight fans of Richard Linklater’s milepost film, Slacker. The idea is to present a remake that incorporates work from filmmakers all over the world. This could be the chance you’ve been waiting for to create an homage to the noteworthy film.

Here’s their call to action.

Use your talents to help us remake Slacker!

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Richard Linklater’s seminal indie feature, Slacker, The Austin Film Society and The Alamo Drafthouse are producing a scene-by-scene remake of the film by a collective of top filmmakers.

The new version of the film’s final scene will be a compilation of work by filmmakers and fans from all over the world.  Shoot and submit your version of the final scene to show how influential and inspiring the original film has been to filmmakers from a wide variety of backgrounds.  

The original final scene showed a group of energetic camera-wielding revelers running up Mt. Bonnell in Austin and throwing a Super-8 camera from the top of the hill.  The final images of the film were impressionistic blurred frames taken by the falling camera.  Ideally, the new videos will consist of similar shots of people running up mountains, buildings, piers, lighthouses, sand dunes, cliffs, etc., and throwing (or pretending to throw) cameras off the top.  The greater the variety of filmmakers and locations, the better—whatever makes you and your area unique!

We encourage you to prepare by watching the original scene for free on

List of necessary shots:
-driving to the site (convertible optional!)
-feet running up
-full-body shots running up
-arriving at the top
-jumping around/playing at the top
-visible vistas
-preparing to throw the camera
-throwing (or pretending to throw) the camera
-the resulting footage from the thrown camera (not required)

Any originating format from Super8 to RED 4k to iPhone and everything in between will be accepted, as long as you send the completed scene as a DVD or high-quality MPEG-4 file (H.264).  Only rough edits are necessary since we will be combining your footage with filmmakers from all over the world.

Submitted films must be uploaded or postmarked by MAY 30th, 2011.

Upload to file-sharing sites such as (share

Or mail DVD’s or MPEG-4 files to:

Slacker Final Scene
c/o Austin Film Society
1901 East 51st Street
Austin, TX 78723

More info:

The final film will have its world premiere on August 31, 2011 with Richard Linklater in attendance for Q&A.  The film will also be streamed online, free for all viewers.


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