San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project: Audience Awards Group B

The ballots are counted and the top finishers in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project Audience Choice Award for Screening Group B are here.

On June 10, teams set out to make a short film in just two days. All of the films submitted were screened at the Lumiere Theater in San Francisco. Over the 4-day run of the screenings, ballots were cast by the audience on each night to determine the winner of the coveted Audience Choice Award.

For Screening Group B, here are the names of the 3 finalists (in alphabetical order).

The Ausmerican Dream – Libido Mosquito
Jeb – Whiskey Films
Killin’ It In Reno – Team Rock!t

We will release the names of the finalists in the other screening groups throughout the week.

To find out who won the coveted award, be sure and join us on Sunday night, July 10 for the Awards and Highlights Night. Tickets are $10 online or at the door.


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