San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project: Audience Choice Group C

The ballots are counted and the top finishers in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project Audience Choice Award for Screening Group C are here.

On June 21, audiences at San Francisco’s Lumiere Theater saw a dozen of the films created by competitors in the world’s oldest and largest time-based filmmaking competition. They voted for their favorites and their final decision will be announced on Sunday night (July 10).

For Screening Group C, here are the names of the 3 finalists (in alphabetical order).

The Love Drug – The Red Eye Jedis
Paranoid Passion – Stabbing My Jelly!
Repo Session – It Donned On Me

To find out who won the coveted award, be sure and join us on Sunday night, July 10 for the Awards and Highlights Night. Tickets are $10 online or at the door.


3 thoughts on “San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project: Audience Choice Group C”

  1. My daughters’s group, for reasons to complicated to explain here, couldn’t turn their project in on time this year, thus they were only eligible for the “audience favorite’ award.

    We also had a conflict last night, and were unable to attend the awards ceremony. Just wondering which film won for Group C?

  2. …We’re sorry to have missed you. It was a grand evening.

    The winner in this category was “Paranoid Passion” which also took home top honors in a number of other categories.

    The audience appreciated Love Drug and it also received kind remarks from jurists who saw it at the screenings.

    Please encourage these youngsters to continue making movies. They showed a lot of promise.

  3. I think so too. I liked ‘Paranoid Passion’ but I don’t think it followed the parameters of the genre it was given as much as other (admittedly, less funny, or fun) entries. Maybe that isn’t stressed in the judging. The kids in my daughter’s group are all off to colleges across the country (and beyond – my daughter will be studying film at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver), but those distances haven’t seemed to slow down Aaron’s similar ex-IHS group. I imagine she’ll be back – and/or join in the fun farther North.

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