What wonders…

48 Hour Film Project
Write, Direct, Shoot, and Edit your short film in just 48 hours! You can do it.

Each year now in August, independent filmmakers who have planned for this (sometimes all year) set out to create a short film in just 48 Hours. They begin with a prop, line of dialog, and a character. They draw their genre randomly from our cruel film tin! Then they set out to bring in a film of 4-7 minutes in length that can delight an audience and amaze our judges.

Two years ago on this exact day (turn in day for the competition), we watched Jake Rangel stride in and declare that he thought he might have a winner. We sneered privately (and invisibly) because we knew what fierce competition he’d face. (Evan Donn, Patrick Crowley, Richie Lopez, Christian Pizzirani and Jason Salazar, Gus and Melissa Guillen, the list goes on…)

We looked very different after we’d seen this entry, which went on to win Best of City.

You can be there Thursday night to make your prediction about which films will be chosen by the judges as Best in San Jose this year. You’ll get to cast your own vote for the winner of the much prized Audience Choice award.


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