The Audience Speaks!

For many filmmakers, the audience is the goal. So when the audience at the 48 Hour Film Project shows love (and votes) for your film, it’s a happy day.

The ballots are all in and here are the finalists in the Audience Choice polling for the 2011 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. The titles are presented here in alphabetical order:

Screening Group A:

    Animal Style – Playground Pictures
    Moonlight – EyeQ Films
    Stuffed – Square Marden


Screening Group B:

    Dead Weight Man – Five by Five Films
    Loose Cannons – 10 Count Films
    The Pile – Chikinbone Films
    Roll Bottle Roll – Story Cake


Each summer in San Jose (this is the fifth year), independent filmmakers compete to write/shoot/direct/edit and submit a short film in just 48 hours. This year 28 films were submitted, with most of them being turned in on time.

The films are screened at a downtown theater and the packed-house audience votes for favorites. The films named here are finalists in that polling.

The first place winners will be announced at the Highlights and Awards ceremony in downtown San Jose on Saturday, September 10th. Keep an eye out here or at the San Jose city web page for full details. (Tickets are available here.)


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