Machinima and 48 Hours

A couple of weeks ago, the 48 Hour Film Project took place in a very special town — the town of Machinima.

For those unfamiliar, machinima is a form of rapid animation that uses game engines to do the rendering instead of highly specialized software and powerful server farms. One of the most famous machinima series of all time was Red vs. Blue created using the Halo engine and some wickedly funny writing. (One of our favorites was the Strangerhood series created with the Sims 2 engine.)

Here’s an example of a machinima film made for last year’s 48HFP competition. It won the Audience Choice award.


This year’s entries are scheduled to be screened in Second Life on Saturday, Oct 1 at 3pm PDT. The location has not been officially announced, but we believe it will be at the Linden Endowment for the Arts Theatre.

If you’ve never been in Second Life, it’s quite easy. You simply create a free account, and download the free software — then you’re good to go. The Second Life viewer takes no more resources than Firefox. So get on it, and we’ll see you at the show on Saturday.

One thought on “Machinima and 48 Hours”

  1. Thanks for the mention! We shot “Cruise Control” in Linden Lab’s Second Life. Our team works exclusively in SL which we find much more flexible that other game environments. Our group, Running Lady Studios produced, featuring voice and avatar actors from Suzy’s Super Cast & Crew, our favorite talent pool, and our original kick-ass sets were built by Linkin Slate, with the addtional of some prefab pieces by a variety of talented SL based content creators. The production design was by GnuEon Aeon. We also had a great script from Alibi Productions.

    The Machinima version of the 48HFP is as difficult and as reawarding as any of the other 48HFP city competitions, even though you are working on your computer the whole time. The most exciting part of it is that is, unlike the other city competitions, you end up coordinating a team of people, in real time, who are sitting at their own computers – all over the world. We had a great time working on this one and the Audience prize was a nice affirmation that it was time well spent.

    As a team, we didn’t enter this year’s 48HFP for machinima, but some of our actors are seen in other entries. My husband and I also loaned out our sim to anyone who needed a place to film so that ended up in one of this years films as well.

    We really missed the 48HFP craziness and excitement this year! So, I guess we’ll be back in full force next year!

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