To Destroy a Pie from Scratch

The folks at Sci-ence reminded us of this gem.


If you wish to destroy an alternate universe from scratch, you must first invent an apple!

Oh, in the meantime, if you want to create audience delight from scratch, you may want to spin up your favorite filmmaking team and get yourself into the National Film Challenge which happens next weekend! ( It’s a great way to get your filmmaking expertise noticed on the global stage.

From our Fathers

Filmmaker Luke Snellin delivers a polished and poignant tribute to his father.

Maybe we’re just saps, but somehow every note and every frame rang true for us.

Now Luke, we’re ready for your comedy. Because after all, a day without laughter…

Meanwhile, this film was created to mark the launch of Virgin Media Shorts 2011. Visit for more information and to enter this year’s competition.

If you’re like us (mainly humbled into immobilized awe), then save the link and go there tomorrow!