48HFP Colleague Awards – The Roster

What happens when you take 8 veteran 48HFP filmmakers from San Francisco and ask them to submit their best films from the past for awards consideration by their peers? We’re about to find out as the 2012 San Francisco 48HFP Colleague Awards ballots are being submitted now. Friday night in San Francisco (Jan 27, 2012)Continue reading “48HFP Colleague Awards – The Roster”

The Actors’ Sandbox: Be an Actor

Held every Wednesday in Second Life, The Actors’ Sandbox is a tuition-free open enrollment workshop for voice and machinima actors. Producers of machinima and other forms of animation are welcome to attend and observe. It’s an excellent opportunity to evaluate talent in a context free from the anticipation and tension of an audition. More information aboutContinue reading “The Actors’ Sandbox: Be an Actor”

Transvideo Returns – Serious As Ever

The folks at Transvideo Studios work each and every day to produce some of the finest commercial and industrial media that the Bay Area has to offer. This film was their contribution to the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project in 2009. The story won the hearts and minds of both audience and judges, andContinue reading “Transvideo Returns – Serious As Ever”

A Stagecoach is Coming

This month in San Francisco, the 48 Hour Film Project will present 8 specially selected films from the past years of the competition in the Bay Area. The films have been selected by the filmmakers who created them from among their favorites. The filmmakers were selected from among veterans in the field who have competedContinue reading “A Stagecoach is Coming”

New Hope!

In a season of bad news, poorly produced videos meant to shock us into consciousness, and regurgitated snippets from terrible faux news programming, it’s refreshing to encounter a well made comic masterpiece. We dare you not to laugh. We did get hate mail from some offended Icelanders over this. We’re not sure why.