48HFP Colleague Awards – The Roster

What happens when you take 8 veteran 48HFP filmmakers from San Francisco and ask them to submit their best films from the past for awards consideration by their peers? We’re about to find out as the 2012 San Francisco 48HFP Colleague Awards ballots are being submitted now.

Friday night in San Francisco (Jan 27, 2012) at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center, eight of the  top 48 Hour Film Project veterans from the Bay Area each brought one of their best films to be screened for an audience and rated by their peers for recognition in several categories. (Overall, Cinematography, Editing, Writing, Score, Production Design, Sound Design, Post Production Magic, and Creativity)

If you missed the event, all is not lost. You can see the films right now online.

The screening order was selected randomly.

  1. Stagecoach in the Sky (Fogbelt 2880) – http://vimeo.com/28536625
  2. Sincerity (Transvideo Studios) – http://vimeo.com/24033896
  3.  How The Spot Was Won (Chinese Takeout) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3n14pXWAv4
  4.  Spindrift (Tumult Productions) – http://vimeo.com/14938100
  5.  Stuffed! (SquareMarden) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCB9xeZlaFc
  6.  a Priori (EyeQ Films) – http://vimeo.com/11772687
  7.  Sur Mesure – (It Donned On Me) – http://vimeo.com/5113031
  8.  Roomies (burntwire.tv) – http://vimeo.com/25600941
We have to say that this was a delightful and entertaining evening.
The ballots are due this week and we hope to announce the award winners on Friday night at the ArtShots Kickoff Gala.

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