ArtShots: An Invitation to Listen

The hope held by the creators of ArtShots was that filmmakers would find inspiration in their arts partners, and that audiences would be inspired by the collaboration between filmmaker and performer.

We have a feeling that audiences will discover that hope having been met by this clip created by Teresa Widdowson and singer/songwriter duo Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon.

What do you think?

Bev & Greg play live in venues across the West Coast and around the country. If you are enchanted, check their calendar for the next show near you.

Audience voting for the ArtShots clips is open until Tues, Apr 3. The results of that voting, and the awards selected by the jurists will be announced during the South First Fridays art walk on Apr 6. Be there if you are able.


One thought on “ArtShots: An Invitation to Listen”

  1. It’s been such a privilege to participate in this year’s Art Shots competition. We’re grateful to Vincent and the Art Shots/48 Hour Film Project organizers, CreatTV and our filmmaker, Teresa Widdowson.

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