Filmmakers Explode – Film at 7

48 Hour Film Project

Every summer now for the past 10 years, independent filmmakers in San Francisco have picked up the flamboyantly flung gauntlet thrown by the 48 Hour Film Project  and sailed it as a victory flag in tribute to their filmmaking skills.

As part of the oldest and largest time-based filmmaking competition in the world, San Francisco filmmakers once more set out Friday (June 8th) to make a short film in just two days, and 49 of those teams returned on Sunday night (June 10th) to turn in films that will be seen in the theatre starting this Wednesday (June 13th).

The filmmakers were divided into 4 screening groups. Each group will have their films shown at The Lumiere Theater in San Francisco sometime over the next two weeks. Each night the films from that group will show twice, once at 6:45 and once at 9:15.

Here are the dates and times:

Group A – June 13  (tickets here) [update: tickets available at the door or from the theater]

Group B – June 14  (tickets here)

Group C – June 19  (tickets here)

Group D – June 20  (tickets here)

The team distribution for the screening groups can be found at the SF 48 Hour Film Project city page.  If you can’t make it to all of the screenings, you can also meet many of the filmmakers at the Wrap Party on July 12th at the Sugar Cafe, or at the Awards and Highlights Show on July 15th.  Details will appear here, you can count on it.


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