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Each summer in June, San Francisco filmmakers gather to embark upon the 48 Hour Film Project, and each year in August, many of them do it again in San Jose. For several years now, one of the teams that has cropped up again and again to turn in a story is formed by the folks who call themselves Stabbing My Jelly.  This year their randomly selected genre was horror and this is the film they created.

You can see all of the films that filmmakers produce for the San Jose competition at the Blue Light Cinema in Cupertino CA on Aug 15 and 16th. We haven’t seen a registration from Stabbing My Jelly yet, but we do know that veterans Film Antics, It Donned On Me,  Unda Da Hood, and Chikinbone will all be there. You won’t want to miss it.

Do Whatever It Takes

Competitive filmmaking team Film Antics has been submitting entries to the 48 Hour Film Project for as long as it has been in San Jose. Their short films have garnered recognition on multiple occasions with jury awards including Best Cinematography in both San Jose and San Francisco. They will return to the 2012 San Jose competition in a year during which they have already competed in other cities. This is a tenacious and talented team.

This entry from their San Diego competition tells the story of a man who must do whatever it takes to get what he needs. Take a look now at Room 133.


There is still time to register a team to compete in the August event. Regular registration fees are in effect through Tuesday, July 31. After that, the late registration fee is in effect.  Here are some other dates that relate to the event.

Aug 2 – Happy Hour Meet & Greet at San Pedro Square Market. No tickets or cover charge. Be there to meet other filmmakers and sponsors from the San Jose community

Aug 12 – Film Dropoff at South First Billiards. Join filmmakers as they turn in their movies and swap fresh war stories. No tickets or cover charge.

Aug 15 & 16 – Screenings. All films turned in on time will be screened at the Blue Light Cinema in Cupertino

Sep 9 – Awards and Highlights. See a dozen or more of the top entries and learn first hand who wins the coveted Audience Choice Awards and the jurists’ selection for City Winner.

Send Up The Legend

Veteran filmmakers from 4QR98 Pass have submitted four 48 Hour Film Project films from their epic legend which began in San Jose 2009. (Nellius 5000 and Zupitron: Ultimate Battle Buddies was selected by jurists as Runner Up for Best Film that year.) Their entry in the 2012 competition expanded the legend and demonstrated their growth as filmmakers admirably.

This film (The Yesterage) was created for the 2010 competition in San Francisco and although it was created second chronologically, its place in the legend’s timeline is up to you to discover.


The Yesterage was invited to screen at the St. Francis Winery “Stars Under the Stars” summer film festival in California’s wine country. A sizable audience of families saw this story before the presentation of the main feature.  Audience reaction was favorable and satisfying.

Registration for the San Jose 2012 competition is open now, and there are many fans of short film who fervently hope to see another chapter in this hilarious legend.

48 HFP Finalists for 2012 Announced in SF

The judges have spoken.

This year, the jury consisted of Chris Bollini, Tony Grat, Samuel Sharkey, and Richard von Busack. Given the perspective of a veteran producer, an accomplished actor, a keen observer of the exhibition industry and underground cinema, and a seasoned film critic and student of cinema history — the results draw from a rich range of perspectives and insight.

Awards for the San Francisco 2012 48 Hour Film Project are now being assembled and these are the finalists. The final awards will be announced on July 15th at the Highlights and Awards show. ( Tickets are available here.)

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SF 48HFP Audience Award Finalists

The audience has spoken.

For 2012, the field was tougher and audiences spread their votes among more films than ever before. These are the top finishers in each of the Audience Awards screening groups. The winner will be announced on July 15th at the Highlights and Awards show. (Tickets are available here.)

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