Send Up The Legend

Veteran filmmakers from 4QR98 Pass have submitted four 48 Hour Film Project films from their epic legend which began in San Jose 2009. (Nellius 5000 and Zupitron: Ultimate Battle Buddies was selected by jurists as Runner Up for Best Film that year.) Their entry in the 2012 competition expanded the legend and demonstrated their growth as filmmakers admirably.

This film (The Yesterage) was created for the 2010 competition in San Francisco and although it was created second chronologically, its place in the legend’s timeline is up to you to discover.


The Yesterage was invited to screen at the St. Francis Winery “Stars Under the Stars” summer film festival in California’s wine country. A sizable audience of families saw this story before the presentation of the main feature.  Audience reaction was favorable and satisfying.

Registration for the San Jose 2012 competition is open now, and there are many fans of short film who fervently hope to see another chapter in this hilarious legend.


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