Final Selection

Life is filled with choices. Sometimes we choose a path and are free to return later and make another selection. Sometimes we are faced with a decision that changes everything for good.

Paul Aspruria and Fim Antics have chosen to compete in the 48 Hour Film Project many times over the years and this year they scheduled themselves to submit films in several cities. Here’s their contribution to the Los Angeles competition.

We look forward to seeing how they do in the San Jose polling with audiences and judges.

For Each, A Perfect Fit

There are consultants for everything now. Someone can tell you where your furniture goes. Someone can tell you how to manage your personal finances. Another is there to tell you when to sell your house, or your stocks. But there’s one consultant we didn’t expect. The folks at It Donned On Me know about her though, and brought us this story about her practice.

You can see what this competitive filmmaking team comes up with for their next story if you join us at the 48 Hour Film Project screenings this week in San Jose. Nearly 30 teams competed in the event and their short films will screen at the Blue Light Cinemas on Wednesday and Thursday night.

Adventure, Love, Triumph

No matter how humble our station in life, all of us aspire to a few basic things. The folks at Story Cake understood this when they made their audience pleaser, Roll Bottle Roll. Their entry in the 2011 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project won our hearts as it led us through the adventures of an unlikely hero.

The visual effects, the music, and the demonstration of great story telling all combined to give us this charming tale.

You can try your hand at the amazing challenge of creating a short film in just 48 hours. The competition returns to San Jose in August 2015. Keep an eye on the website for details. Sign up for the mailing list there for best results.

Work of A Lifetime

One thing we love about the 48 Hour Film Project is the opportunity to learn about people who might otherwise not come to our attention.

This story of Zach Alexander is one such story. A man driven to distraction by the mission of a lifetime, The Great White Rat is a story that could possibly inspire us all. (Although maybe it could inspire us to be careful who we let in our houses!)

Enjoy this short film from Seth, Callie, and Jennifer Friesen.

This film was an award winner for 2009 in San Jose. There’s still time to register for the competition in August.

You can take a look at Seth Freisen’s latest film tonight at the St. Francis Winery “Stars Under the Stars” Outdoor Film Festival. The 2012 film by Friesen clan, Joseph’s War Pony will warm the wine country audience up before seeing Mama Mia. Be there by 7pm if you’d like to enjoy the live music by The Cork Pullers.