Work of A Lifetime

One thing we love about the 48 Hour Film Project is the opportunity to learn about people who might otherwise not come to our attention.

This story of Zach Alexander is one such story. A man driven to distraction by the mission of a lifetime, The Great White Rat is a story that could possibly inspire us all. (Although maybe it could inspire us to be careful who we let in our houses!)

Enjoy this short film from Seth, Callie, and Jennifer Friesen.

This film was an award winner for 2009 in San Jose. There’s still time to register for the competition in August.

You can take a look at Seth Freisen’s latest film tonight at the St. Francis Winery “Stars Under the Stars” Outdoor Film Festival. The 2012 film by Friesen clan, Joseph’s War Pony will warm the wine country audience up before seeing Mama Mia. Be there by 7pm if you’d like to enjoy the live music by The Cork Pullers.


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