A Winning Strategy?

For nearly as long as the 48 Hour Film Project has been in the Bay Area, the talented folks from the filmmaking team It Donned On Me have been submitting memorable entries. Sometimes inspiring, sometimes hilarious, and always charming.

In 2011 for the 48 Go Green competition in San Francisco, these filmmakers turned in their take on what would happen if you mashed Family Guy with The Office and turned it into a 7 minute short made in just one weekend.

We invite you to enjoy Double Down.

This film took home an acting award, just another in an impressive string of them for this intrepid team. They’ll be competing this year again in the 11th San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project. You can be on hand to see what they create by attending the premiere screenings between June 5-13 at the Clay Theater.

It’s sure to be entertaining.


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