Rare In The City

There are days when the moments we find are uncommonly rare. This short film was submitted for the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project by a team called Weird and Grimy. Their story explores the moments in which a young couple discovers a second chance at romance. See how they fare as you enjoy SnowContinue reading “Rare In The City”


We don’t always know where we’re headed, or what it is we need. This short film, submitted  by veteran filmmaking team It Donned On Me for the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project. It explores the progression of a young man from not having a clue into someone who’s confidence brings him to ask for whatContinue reading “May-December”

He’s Back and Cheaper Than Ever

The films from the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project are in and the judges have their work cut out for them. In this 11th year of the competition in San Francisco, around 40 teams brought back short films they created in just two days. Here’s an example from filmmaking team Douche and Barnacle.  WeContinue reading “He’s Back and Cheaper Than Ever”

Got Your Back (probably)

When a couple loses the sizzle in their marriage, sometimes a jolt will bring back the sparks. Other times, it could be that the pressure of a stressful situtation demonstrates everything that needs to be seen. Take a look at this entry from Storycake and see which you believe it to be. The folks fromContinue reading “Got Your Back (probably)”

Money Can’t Buy…

When filmmakers consider their choices for making a 48 Hour Film Project film, they often worry about drawing Silent Film as their genre. This Las Vegas team had no fear and did something delightful and fresh with the genre. We invite you to enjoy — The Bump. On July 14th, the awards from the 2013Continue reading “Money Can’t Buy…”

Invitation To a First Love

We love music over here and one of our inspirations has long been the one we’ve grown for singer/songwriter Nanci Griffith.  This song (Ford Econoline) is one that challenges a singer, and delights both the singer and audience. Her interview with Suzy Bogguss reminds us of who she is as an artist — and itContinue reading “Invitation To a First Love”

Listen to the Art

The folks at 48 Hour Film Project wanted to see what would happen if they paired up some of their most talented competitors with prominent Bay Area artists. The result was a collection of clips called ArtShots. This short perspective on musicians Bev & Greg (Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon) evoked the spririt of theirContinue reading “Listen to the Art”

The Universal Solvent

What is it that fixes everything? Why cake of course! This winning entry from the 2012 Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project stirred cinematography, music, and sound to a delicious state, and then baked it into a plot that is certain to satisfy. Competitors in San Francisco have just turned their entries for this year inContinue reading “The Universal Solvent”

Run In Their Shoes

Sometimes filmmakers tell us, “oh, I don’t know, 7 minutes isn’t really long enough to have the audience bond with a character.” These filmmakers from Columbus proved that premise wrong in a breathtaking way. Follow the character you meet in Stones and see if you don’t find yourself standing in his shoes by the endContinue reading “Run In Their Shoes”