Most Important Question

When the answer to the question really matters, it seems wise to be fully prepared. In this story, (an entry in the 2013 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project), the protagonist seems to have considered this perspective.

Take a look now at The Preposal and see if you think he’s done his homework.

This film was submitted by Hi and Bye Productions for the San Francisco event. It’s their fourth year to compete in the city.

On Sunday, July 14th, the awards from the 2013 San Francisco competition will be announced. The Awards and Highlights show runs from 5:00-8:00pm will be held at the Delancey Street Screeing Room.

Tickets are available here.

Filmmakers who think that it would be a fun challenge to create a complete short film in just two days can give it a try in San Jose.  Registration is open now for the San Jose competition to be held on July 26th through the 28th. More details can be found at the San Jose city page.


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