San Francisco 48HFP Dates

It’s here again. A chance for San Francisco (and area) filmmakers to show what they’ve got.  Each summer for the past 10 years, San Francisco has hosted one of the oldest and largest time-based filmmaking competitions in the world. It’s happening again.

This year, the competition weekend is June 6-8, and the completed films will be seen at the Clay Theater between June 16th and 19th. Watch the official website ( for full details. Also, be sure to watch for past top winners to appear on Be My Guest in the featured filmmaker slot.

Seriously, I Dig Your Chakra

For some of us, the cultural tone of yoga calls out. No matter what tho’ … it’s fun to fling the lingo.

We dare you not to laugh (and especially not to chortle) as you meet – Yoga Girl!

The creators of this piece were featured in our pages before. If you enjoyed this, jump on over to hear about their adventures in the Whole Foods Parking Lot.