Where Do We (really) Belong

We have a standing rule here about length of the video. Generally, it has to be under 7 minutes long to be shown here unless you’re really fabulous.

Someone was!

This short film from Scott Thierauf takes us through an amazing adventure, and one that will be familiar to many of us. Who will we be as the river flows faster and bigger? You may see yourself here.

Rob Fetters‘ “Desire” provides a comical and cosmic base for the adventures of this little robot.

If you’re inspired to tell your own story by watching this, you might want to be at the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project premieres next week. They’ll be at the Clay Theater, and what you’ll be seeing is a collection of films created in just two days by San Francisco indie filmmakers. You’re sure to be amazed.

It might be the next step in registering yourself to tell a story to a packed house audience.

All By Myself (really)

Most of us have a secret wish. Only occasionally is it to be alone in an airport overnight.

Richard Dunn did have that wish and he took full advantage of the opportunity.

More of the story behind the making of this silly but impressive music video can be found in this article on Gawker.

And of course, no reader could be faulted for wanting to follow Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

One thing this project proves is that with a simple, clear idea, some hard work, and a tool like an iPhone, you can tell a great story and have a blast doing it.

This is what it’s like to make a 48 Hour Film Project movie.  The best ones, and the ones that do well with audiences and judges are simple, clear, and well executed.

You can see how this year’s San Francisco crop came out. The films will premiere on June 17-19 at the Clay Theater. Tickets and details can be found at the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project City Page.