Decide for yourself

They’re going to come out of the woodwork about now. You know, the folks who are compelled to tell you why liking that thing you like is a sign that you’re an idiot.

This time, they’ll come out and tell you why Into the Woods is not a good thing to like. We won’t repeat their petty complaints about it here. It is not our intention to help them with their nasty work.

See, here’s the thing.  For every person who saw it and loved it on the stage, there are (and will be) a thousand who did not have the opportunity. Now those people will see it too. And they will share it with their children.

Go see it for yourself. Like it if you wish! And don’t listen to anyone who would speak poorly of you for falling in love. Banish them instead, for being a waste of your time.


Starting Somewhere

It’s sort of a cliche’ that many now famous actors and musicians got their start while helping diners decide from among the specials.

Here are two of today’s stars as they looked long ago, and a much humbler setting. (I guess that’s what we could call Dana Carvey’s old show.)

Next year, you can expect to see both of these stellar comedy players in new places. And hopefully they’ll have overcome this terrible affliction.

Last Century Right Now

We’re always looking for a delicious and fresh approach to musical favorites. We found this (and more) with Postmodern Jukebox.

This track takes a popular Taylor Swift tune and covers it in classic Motown style. It reminds us of a time when fat sound used to mean something!

If you liked it, the band is running a Patreon campaign now. That means you can become a backer of the band by putting your money where your heart is.

There’s also a chance to see them live in concert during their upcoming tour. Check out the tour dates.

We’ll Have What He’s Selling

We don’t usually post advertising here. But if we admit our secret shame, it’s that we really love ads when they’re done right. We often roll back the TiVo to show a favorite to a friend. We once made a mix tape that contained a whole season of favorite ads from around the world.

We love the time of year around the NFL playoffs when Madison Avenue goes hog wild with the good stuff. (But one word of advice. Do NOT be the one who says “I only watch the Superbowl for the commercials.” That cliche’ ship has sailed and you don’t want to the be the person who still laughs at jokes about airline food, movie popcorn prices, or photo bombing.)

Even though it’s a break with tradition here, we felt compelled to show this long version of the Sauza Blue Cowboy ad. So just sit back, relax, put your feet up and whisper the words “top shelf” in a needful and seductive tone. Then look who rides up over the ridge!

What’s that sound? Is it the sobbing of someone who’s cursing the memory of a horse’s southern silhouette framed by a tearful sunset? At least the margarita was divine.