We’ll Have What He’s Selling

We don’t usually post advertising here. But if we admit our secret shame, it’s that we really love ads when they’re done right. We often roll back the TiVo to show a favorite to a friend. We once made a mix tape that contained a whole season of favorite ads from around the world.

We love the time of year around the NFL playoffs when Madison Avenue goes hog wild with the good stuff. (But one word of advice. Do NOT be the one who says “I only watch the Superbowl for the commercials.” That cliche’ ship has sailed and you don’t want to the be the person who still laughs at jokes about airline food, movie popcorn prices, or photo bombing.)

Even though it’s a break with tradition here, we felt compelled to show this long version of the Sauza Blue Cowboy ad. So just sit back, relax, put your feet up and whisper the words “top shelf” in a needful and seductive tone. Then look who rides up over the ridge!

What’s that sound? Is it the sobbing of someone who’s cursing the memory of a horse’s southern silhouette framed by a tearful sunset? At least the margarita was divine.


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