Just for Boys

Every once in a while, you see a video that was clearly made for boys. Not a tawdry vulgar display of feminine flesh, or a breathless, unbelievable exhibition of sports prowess.

Imagine instead if you will, a death struggle between sleek, sexy machines that keep boys (and adult boys in the shapes of men) awake at night daydreaming of thundering engines, and a growling score syncopated to the screech of rubber on pavement.

It looks like this.

Many boys who watched this peered jealously at the passenger seat of that Dodge and hated the man sitting there for usurping their seat.

Not us of course, but we think others may feel that way.


She Captured the Heart

You’ll hear a lot about Luna Lee in times to come. And when it happens, YOU’LL be one of the people who says, “I knew it all along.”

Listen to this, and you’ll see why.

After that, you might just want to add her Facebook page, her YouTube Channel, and anything else she decides to publish.

If you’re not sure yet, just comb through some of her other tracks online. You’ll see that she’s no parlor trick.

Don’t forget who told you. We’ll be back in a few days with something else amazing.