That Dummy can Drum!

Take two skills that you didn’t expect together, say for instance, puppetry and drumming, then see what happens when you combine them.

If we could drum like that, we would only need a flowerpot for a kickdrum too!

ArtShots Mixer

ArtShots is a filmmaking competition designed by the organizers of the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project in partnership with Silicon Valley arts community leaders and businesses.

One part filmmaker, one part artist, every bit inspiring
One part filmmaker, one part artist, every bit inspiring

Its intentions are to combine talented filmmakers and artists in a way that brings attention to the work of both. Teams comprised of local independent filmmakers along with prominent artists and arts organizations work to each create a 90-second clip that captures the essence of the artist.

For 2015, the competition will range from May 1st through the 20th. Registration is open now.

A mixer designed to answer questions about the program, and to invite both filmmakers and artists to sign up is being held on Friday at San Jose CreaTV studios. (More information can be found here:

See It For Real

Okay, we’ve been telling you about cool things to see online for a long time now. (This our 301st post in fact.)

Now there’s going to be a TV series written for movie screens (before the main feature) and for select local broadcast markets. And OF COURSE we’ll release episodes online after the premiere. The series is called Trendinistas, and it’s a panel show about the things that happen in online entertainment. You’re going to love it!

Meanwhile, given the weekend it is, and the fact that we’re going to use this clip in our first episode (taping tomorrow), we thought you should see this:

We hope you’ll become a Trendinista soon. And if you’re in the SF Bay Area, you could be in the studio audience for our next taping in May at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival.

If you’re part of our online audience, then use the comment blocks here (or any other means you know to be in touch with us) to tell us what you think our panelists should be talking about on the show!