Nothing to See Here Malcolm

We’ve lost count of how many gems the filmmaking team Film Antics has produced in time-based film competitions They’ve brought home awards for Cinematography, Acting, and have finished as City Winner or runner up on multiple occasions. This entry brought them the prize for Best Comedy. You can see the latest 48 Hour Film ProjectContinue reading “Nothing to See Here Malcolm”

Hush – It’s Not Really Us

Everybody wonders what it’s REALLY like in witness protection. The folks at Ovation Pictures made an entry for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project to help us understand better. They have a new film for the 2015 competition and you can see it on Wed, Aug 19th. The screening for their film, and aContinue reading “Hush – It’s Not Really Us”

Dream On

Some film production companies simply cannot get enough of stress, excitement, challenge, and accomplishment. These are the ones, like Once Upon a Thyme Productions, who keep coming back to the 48 Hour Film Project. This year in San Jose, the troupe finished what was probably their fifth entry for the competition. Here’s a glimpse: TheyContinue reading “Dream On”

You Lookin’ At Me?

After nearly twenty rounds in the 48 Hour Film Project, we sort of expect Film Antics to be a well-oiled machine. They’ve produced numerous films that gathered awards including a City Winner for San Jose in 2013, and Best Film finalists in other cities and years. This time we opted for a closer look, soContinue reading “You Lookin’ At Me?”

It’s Slobberin’ Time!

The 48 Hour Film Project is back in San Jose! On the weekend of Aug 8th, nearly two dozen filmmaking teams created new short films and they’ll be shown next week at the Camera 12 Cinema. Here’s a sneak peek. (That’s what we used to call the trailers. Now it’s just a trailer.) The filmmakersContinue reading “It’s Slobberin’ Time!”