Be Happy! But What If I’m Jewish?

Our friends in The Kinsey Sicks thought about this classic for a while and realized that it wasn’t appropriate for every culture. So they gave us this!

You can check out more of their work by subscribing to their YouTube channel.  Be sure and let them know how you feel. We’re certain that they’re dying to hear.

Working for the Lunch Hour

Some days in the office, the best you can hope is just get to the next break. Anyone who’s ever worked in a call center will feel this next film touch a nerve.

This film from Once Upon a Thyme Productions fared well in the awards race for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project during 2013. This year the team is in the hunt for awards again.

Their newest film will screen on Sunday, Sep 20th at the Camera Cinema in downtown San Jose.  The show starts at 4:30 and you can get Tickets Here.

In the Kitchen, Safety is Paramount

When it comes to the kitchen, safety is Rule #1. And when it comes to safety, listening to your wife is Rule #1.

That is, if you can remember.

This short film came from Ovation Pictures, whose latest work will show and be considered for Awards in the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project on Sunday.

You can be on hand if you’re near San Jose. It’s at the Camera 12 Cinema, Sept 20 at 4:30pm PDT. Tickets are available now.

Christmas Needs a Lot of Saving

Everybody knows about Little Cindy Lou Who, but do you know about someone else who saved Christmas?

For your consideration, we present one Zachary Alexander – an unlikely hero who carries the weight of an entire holiday on the brim of his hard hat.

Beyond Forever Studios, the team that made this film will be in the house on Sunday when the latest crop of Award nominees from the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project are screened.

Nearly a dozen great short films from San Jose will screen, and awards will be announced for the 2015 season. It’s Sunday, Sept 20 at 4:30pm and you can be there if you get tickets here.